Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GRAMMY Camp® Counselors Getting Back From Campers By Nick Arnold

During GRAMMY Camp®, high school students interested in becoming involved in the music business learn from industry professionals how to use their skills towards a career in music. All the participating students will leave Camp with a greater knowledge and passion for their respective fields of interest in the music business. But it is not only the kids who are finding guidance for their involvement in the music business; several of the counselors have mentioned that they have been given new inspiration to their careers in the business.

“It’s great to see how driven everybody is because it took me a while to figure out that this was what I wanted to do," says counselor Kellyn Robison. "Music was always a part of my life, but I didn’t realize I wanted to make a career out of it. To see how driven everybody here already is, it’s amazing! It is really inspiring! I try to write songs myself, so it makes me want to go write some more songs. Their talent is unbelievable, I’m really excited to see the combos come together with the singer-songwriters and see what they come up with for the final performance.”

I also spoke to David Edwards, who was impressed by both the quality of the equipment that the students were given access to and the abilities of the students in the performing tracks.

“Well, I knew that there were going to be different tracks and everybody was going to be educated and learn more about their tracks, but I had no idea about the amount of hands-on experience that everybody was going to get," said Edwards. "Just the Electronic Music Production lab is amazing! Every student in there gets their own module to work on and learn all about the the ins and outs of midi controls and production tips they need. The singer-songwriters blew me away with how talented they are; not only with their instruments, but with their vocal techniques and style. I think I high expectations, but they exceeded them with everything they’ve done so far."

Several members of the staff and counselors, like both Robinson and Ben Kann, originally lived and worked in Nashville, Tennessee before coming to California to work at GRAMMY Camp.

"I first heard about GRAMMY Camp through the Recording Academy in Nashville," said Kann. "I used to volunteer for them at various events. A lady by the name of Lorie Hodge told me about the camp and she recommended that I apply. So I applied, and it was a great blessing and I am very grateful that I got in!”

"Well, I’m from Nashville as well," Robinson added. "And I got involved with GRAMMY Camp the same way as Ben did; by volunteering at the Recording Academy and working at different events that they had. I worked at soundchecks and stuff, and I met a lot of people through that. They suggested I apply, and so now, here I am!

So, as you can see, the kids enrolled in Camp aren’t the only ones learning and getting inspired during Camp. The staff and counselors have found the Campers’ determination and skill to be a new source of inspiration.

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