Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meeting The GRAMMY Camp® Faculty By Shawn Handy

To start off the week in GRAMMY Camp® my fellow Campers and I gathered in Booth 100 for the Meet The Faculty panel, a very well-rounded and beneficial talk for myself and my peers. Every speaker said something very important but one quote that stood out to me that I’m sure everyone has heard before is "Networking and staying connected is very important," from Student Life Coordinator Gary Shields. I believe that this quote is helpful because when you are trying to become successful in anything you plan on doing it is very important to network, build relationships.

Another quote that I’m sure took fear out of a lot of people including myself was by Senior Director David Sears. "Fear is a wonderful thing, but it's also a terrible thing." What he is saying is that fear is only good when you are not afraid to be different. Fear is bad when you have the gift to sing and there are record companies present but you are nervous.

"As a music journalist, you can help elevate someone’s career," was said by our very own Steve Baltin. It was a thought shared by all of the faculty, who are here to help elevate our careers.

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