Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I Told Monique Coleman 'Gimme Mo' By Shawn Handy

As my fellow journalists waited patiently to speak with Neil Portnow (President of the Recording Academy) to arrive for our one on one interviews I took the initiative to network. Networking is a key element I knew and GRAMMY Camp® has taught us more about building relationships. I had the opportunity to meet with Monique Coleman of High School Musical. I said to myself, “She looks important, I must network with her.” “Hello, my name is Shawn Handy. May I have a moment of your time?” From that moment I saw a huge smile and eyes widening and her mouth opened and said , “O.M.G. I love this, I love your attitude. Can I interview you for my show I am doing on teens?”

The conversation started off with me telling Monique how I am an aspiring hip-hop artist whose music is different from the usual hip-hop scene. As I told Monique my vision and goals I could see by the smile she was impressed by my presentation that I carried for myself.

I am truly blessed that Monique took the interest into me to interview me. Some questions that were asked were “What type of music do you do and just tell us about yourself?” “I am a 17-year-old Philadelphia native who is interested in becoming a ‘rapper. ‘” But then I said, “I apologize for telling you that I am a rapper I would like to prefer to be labeled an MC. The reason for that is because I feel as though that anyone can be titled a ‘rapper,’ but only true artists who really love their art and keep it real at all times are MCs.”

After I did the interview and also did a quick video talking about myself and promoting myself Monique told me, “Is it ok if I use this for my blog?” I answered with energy, “Yes!”


Monique said...

Shawn, check out the video at Keep Shining brother! Monique Coleman :)

shawn said...

i will.plz stay in touch.anything i can do to help out let me know.also tell me what u think of the mixtape