Friday, July 15, 2011

GRAMMY Campers Get A Taste Of Journalism Life By Ryley Mueller

GRAMMY Camp® L.A. was excited to host a master panel consisting of multi-platinum producer Mike Elizondo, artist Greyson Chance, and singer/songwriter/producer Nick Jonas. The room was full of GRAMMYCamp staff, faculty and Campers awaiting the words of these guest professionals. Campers got a taste of the media with outlets covering the event such as Fox, Buzznet, Cambio, Us Weekly, and Rolling Stone.

The panel was open to the audience for questions, which many GRAMMY Camp students participated in. Campers asked Elizondo, Chance, and Jonas questions ranging from the start of their music careers to their biggest fear within the industry.

Chance was very well spoken and humorous, commenting on, among other things, his new album, Hold On 'Til The Night, being released on August 2nd on Interscope Records. He reflected on the start of his career, his goals for his future, and his unusual discovery on You Tube.

"I think you have a passion for something when you're young, especially in your teen years and I think it's always there. Whether you choose to take that path or you don't, I still think [the passion] is always there," Chance said.

During the panel, Jonas discussed his recent projects within the music industry, his band Nick Jonas & The Administration, starring on Broadway, and producing for other musicians.

"Now that I've started writing and producing for other people, my main focus is taking a concept, whatever that concept is and making it into a full song and basically having another writer or producer come in and attack it. I take the experiences I have writing for myself and put that into writing for other people," Jonas said.

Elizondo expressed his appreciation for GRAMMY Camp and talked about how he made his way into the music industry. He gave advice for students who want to pursue music, anyone interested in producing for artists, and how social media has influenced the business today.

"I think as far as the interaction with the fans, being able to shoot a message about what they're doing in the studio, it generates that excitement for the audience and makes them feel like it’s part of the process and hopefully generates excitement for the record," Elizondo said.

After the panel concluded, Music Journalism students got the opportunity to stay and interview the guests. With media lined up waiting to get their chance, GRAMMY Campers practiced their interviewing skills and get a taste of journalist life. For some Campers, this was their biggest experience dealing with pop culture, the media, and the people involved in the music industry. Students were left with an education from experienced professionals and an amazing experience.

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