Monday, July 14, 2008

"All You Need Is Love"; The GRAMMY Foundation®’s Starry Night
by Julia Berlin

Saturday morning I woke up at 4:00 AM for a 6:50 flight out of Newark Airport to Los Angeles. Then add a long plane ride and a three-hour time difference and you would have found me on the red carpet in Los Angeles with the four other GRAMMY® Campers in the Concert Promotion Production/Music Journalism career track. We stood at the end of the media line -- a 70-foot span of photographer and journalists -- at The GRAMMY Foundation®’s Starry Night event to honor Sir George Martin.

All of us were in awe at the music legends that did interviews from only a few feet away. People such as Jeff Beck, Lamont Dozier, and Jimmy Jam spoke about their delight to honor Sir George Martin and their admiration for his work. At the same time, to my disappointment, Ringo and Sir Paul were unable to attend.

Yet standing almost five feet from Yoko Ono and nearly ten from Sir George Martin was an experience that not many 18 year olds have. The best moment of my night was meeting Joe Walsh—but not as an adoring fan. Out of the 530 graduates of Montclair High School’s class of 2008 I was one of six students to receive the William R. McClellan Award, a $1000 scholarship funded by Mr. Walsh in honor of a music teacher. Thank you cards were sent to the Alumni Association and were then passed on to Mr. Walsh. I introduced myself and watched his uncertain expression burst into a smile. The opportunity to thank him personally was truly unimaginable.

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