Sunday, July 20, 2008

“Triple W” Parker Davis
by Jenay Ross

Not only is GRAMMY Camp® a great place for this year’s campers to gain the skills essential for a career in the music industry, it’s also a great place to network. Connections have been a common topic during workshops and panels, as we hear repeatedly how important they are for a career in the industry to develop and grow. GRAMMY Camp is connection central, a place where students can meet with both professionals and talented kids from all over the country.

Parker Davis, a 16-year–old high school junior, has come from a place that is rarely talked about; triple W, Walla Walla, Washington. Although he wishes there was a film-scoring track here at camp, he is involved in music production. He hopes to someday end up living and working in LA. “It’s the place to be,” he says.

While his long-term goal is to become an amazing composer, at camp he loves to sit and play at the lounge piano by himself. He feels like that is the most production-oriented part of his day. But film scoring is his first love. Once, he scored a 10-minute film, which he and his friends created, in 30 minutes. He explained: “The music is kind of crazy with a lot of flutes and harp.”

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