Friday, July 18, 2008

Being True With Rocco DeLuca
by Kwasi Fordjour

With an eclectic style and perceptive views on the music industry Rocco Deluca was able to impart his knowledge to the gifted students of GRAMMY Camp®. Deluca gave insight into marketing indie artists and promoting their music to surrounding audiences. Deluca’s chill demeanor belied the power possessed in his words as he used the trail of his career to relate to the campers. Talking to Deluca I was able to come to the realization that succeeding in the music industry is not all about the music; it’s about enjoying life, having a keen sense of your surroundings, and mostly being true to your art.

Question: I was on your blog and I saw all these phoots on there. Did you take those yourself?
Answer: I just snap shots.

Question: Is that like your second love after music?
Answer: Yeah, I always have some kind of visual. When I walk around the city I just take shots of what I find interesting or strange.

Question: What are you most proud of as a musician?
Answer: I'd have to say I'm most proud of the chance to connect with other people and find each other through an art form. It's been the most giving thing about the whole process.

Question: I’ve read that you lived with Johnny Cash and June Carter. What did you learn from being around them?
Answer: I stayed with them for a bit and I learned osmosis from being around people that are just that natural at their art. I was a big fan at the time and mostly my brain was mashed potatoes, so I think I don’t realize what I learned till a lot later. I was just in the presence of people that have been doing what they love for a very long time and when you’re around that and you see how comfortable and natural they are in that environment it’s cool.

Question: Did they play a role in influencing how you go about performing and your music?
Answer: With them mostly it was about character. They held themselves very well and I just learned that they were good people. They treated people really well around me and they treated me very good and I was wide eyed at that.

Question: What’s a phrase or statement that you’ve never forgotten and why?
Answer: I was reading a book by John Ruskin and he had a statement saying, “That which gives life is supported by life.” It is a great phrase because it constantly reminds me that in any decision you make it would be nice to contribute.

Question: So how can the GRAMMY Campers apply that quote to their career aspirations?
Answer: Well I think anybody in the arts will be confronted with decisions [on] whether or not to contradict their art. Always take the time to create not focusing on the product or how audiences may react to it. Naturally gravitate towards always making and creating regardless of what the result may be. Make it because you need to make it!

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