Friday, July 25, 2008

The Magic Rehearsal
by Jenay Ross

It was about nine p.m. when I wandered around the USC practice rooms looking for the combo formally known as G-Unit. They have changed their name several times. After the name G-Unit was created, they became Stainless Steel Teapots, and then renamed themselves OT’s Dirty Magic.

I finally found them in a room working hard on singer/songwriter Joseph LeMay’s original song, “Just To See Those Blue Eyes.” They had about an hour and a half to finish the song so they could perform it the next day for the showcase/Capitol Records auditions. “We’ll finish it. It’ll work out,” says bass player Edwin Carranza.

After changing rhythms, chords, and the style, the song started to really come together. All the elements mixed really well and had a nice groove. Adam Gertner kept nice steady beats and breakdowns on the drum set, while Grahm Bailey played a catchy tune on the keys. Adam Zuckerman also created a guitar solo that added a nice touch to the whole song.

Each member made sure to perfect their parts for Joseph’s song. The guys bounced ideas off of each other and their music producer, Ian Arnold, gave suggestions to improve their overall sound. I could definitely describe the song as a “head bobber.”
As a whole, the band had great showmanship and energy, even though it was only rehearsal. They also play well as a group, even when they’ve only been together for two weeks. “You guys are really good. One of the best,” says Joseph about the combo.

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