Sunday, July 12, 2009

GRAMMY Camp® '09's Opening Night Open Mic by Dana Lee Payne

Last night at the Ground Zero cafe there were many talented campers who went on stage to perform for the Open Mic night. When I first walked into the venue, it had a cool vibe to it. The place had dimmed lights, comfy couches, bar stools, and big televisions. Everybody was sitting around relaxing and getting to know one another as it took a little while for the show to begin. The opening act was six faculty members of the Camp all playing different instruments. They played close to a seven -eight-minute set, and they sounded great, with both good rhythm and a strong beat. After their performance many different campers came up, one after another displaying their different talents.

There were two acts that I especially liked. One was a performance by a girl named Taylor Harvey, who is a singer/songwriter, and she sang a song she wrote called “Flutter." Her style was crazy cool and her vocal talent was on point. I really enjoyed her performance. The other act that I enjoyed was by fellow Music Journalism student Dertrick Winn and his band. Dertrick got on stage and rapped while his band played a nice melody behind him. He has some real impressive skills.

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