Sunday, July 12, 2009

GRAMMY Camp®'s Musical Diversity by Nick Arnold

Today was the day. I had waited and worked for so long for the beginning of my journey that started this morning. GRAMMY Camp®. We come from all over the country, have completely diverse backgrounds and styles, but we all share a common ground: a deep passion for music. Be it performing instruments, singing, production of recording, and performances, or even writing about it.

When I first arrived, I was very hesitant to engage with my fellow GRAMMY Campers. I am fairly shy when it comes to meeting new people, and so I attempted to hide in my dorm for the first part of the morning. After unpacking and eating lunch, I decided that I had to make the most of my first day, or I might not make many new connections. I trudged down the stairs to the courtyard where everybody had congregated, and I was pleasantly surprised by how my first encounters went. Within a minute, new people were introducing themselves to me, and in about a half hour, I had made friends with most of GRAMMY Camp! I had really gotten to know lots of other campers who shared the same hobbies and listened to the same music as me. I had begun talking with my new friends, Brandon, Chris, Tycho, and all sorts of other people about how we could collaborate using our different skills together! We talked about how we could use our free time to record, edit, and document our project so we could get it all done by the end of the week. It was amazing how quickly everything was all coming together with little or no help from the counselors at all!

What I learned is the label on your badge, be it "Music Journalist" or "Bassist," does not define who you are at Camp.

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Me said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. I bet you all are having a blast. Enjoy your time at camp and the friends & memories you make while you are there; because, it's something you will never forget.

Great blog posting by the way.