Friday, July 17, 2009

Practice Always Makes Perfect by Dana Lee Payne

This afternoon I decided to take a walk with a few Campers and follow them to the recording studio. We have an upcoming showcase going on tomorrow night. Many of the Campers have been scrambling to get all their practice in before recording and before the showcase. I happened to be with two of the Campers who had finished all their practicing, and felt ready to get into the studio and record.

The two Campers I was with were Taylor Harvey, singer/songwriter, and Jahaan Sweet, keyboards. Together they composed a song called “Steinway and Sons.” As soon as we got into the studio the audio engineers were already in there preparing the place. The three engineers that were there were Alexandra Rose Reiger, Jeffery Falinger, and Jonathan Kinsey. All of them handled themselves very professionally and took charge.

The session by Sweet and Harvey went well, although there were a couple of times they had to do retakes. But in the end it all sounded great. The lyrics were very deep and passionate. Taylor seems to be a very poetic songwriter and I definitely admire her work. Jahaan is literally “sweet” on the keys as well. He plays with much passion. I enjoyed myself in the studio watching how the music comes together, and I know that tomorrow will really be an excellent show.

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