Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Interview With The Ricky Minor Singers by Dana Lee Payne

After the GRAMMY Campers had a chance to perform with Ricky Minor and the band, I had a brief interview with Taylor Harvey, Lea Marie, and Christine Jamra, who are all in the Singer/Songwriter track, about their feelings towards their performance and what it was like being up there with Ricky Minor.

Dana: How did you feel playing with Ricky Minor?

Taylor: “He’s such a nice guy and really helped calm my nerves.”

Lea Marie: “It was such an incredible experience and it’s a once in the lifetime kind of thing unless you become extremely famous.”

Christine: “Well, what I loved about it is that right before we played he just [fist] pounded me and it was really cool to look over and see him just rocking out on the bass."

Dana: Do you feel like you learned anything from this experience like in practice or rehearsal?

Taylor: “Yeah, I mean it’s just about having fun in the end and just making do with what you have where you’re at and just doing the best you can.”

Christine: “I’ve learned to have fun even when you’re in rocky situations.”

Lea Marie: “I’ve learned that I can learn a song in five minutes and be okay.” (Laughs)

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