Monday, July 13, 2009

Jason Castro Serenades GRAMMY Camp® by Dana Lee Payne

As the sweet serenade of Jason Castro filled the theatre room at USC last night, I thought about how human he is and how he really can connect with his audience. Many people around me were intensely listening and watching as he sang with his guitar. It was after the question and answer portion of the night when Jason brought up his guitar and performed three songs for all of the 80+ GRAMMY Campers®.

The first song Jason sang, off of his new album, is called “Sweet Medicine.” He said that this track was written for a special someone who he is “madly in love” with. This song had a very soft melody to it. As he performed the song with his eyes were shut, just him and his guitar, it gave the crowd a deep personal feeling for the piece.

Following that intimate performance he became very shy and said that he felt “more comfortable with a band.” The next song he sang was one of the first songs he had sang on American Idol called “Daydream” by The Lovin’ Spoonful, and with this song included a band of four Campers. In this song, Jason seemed to really be feeling the piano playing by Jahaan Sweet. The concluding song to his performance was the number one hit on iTUNES, “Hallelujah."

Jason’s whole performance was excellent. He came across as a genuine person who is all about making good music. It’s good to see a new artist come into his own and try to establish himself in the industry. I personally enjoyed Jason’s performance and I hope his album becomes very successful. Go ahead Jason and do your thing!

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Gail said...

I've been a huge Jason Castro fan since the first time I heard him sing a year and a half ago. You've captured all that I love about him and his music in your blog. Thanks for the beautiful words. I can't wait for the release of Jason's album when so many will find out how special his music is.