Friday, July 17, 2009

Meeting The Well-Rounded Lil Rounds by Dana Lee Payne

Today those of us in the Music Journalism Track at GRAMMY Camp® were surprised with the opportunity to go to the American Idol Tour. Not only did we get to go to Staples Center to watch the top ten Idol finalists perform we also got to interview seven of the 10 finalists. We each separately interviewed an Idol, and I spoke with Lil Rounds. Lil Rounds is from Memphis, Tennessee and I wanted to know what was life was like being on this huge successful tour. I also asked her questions about her future goals, before watching her play to tens of thousands of fans. Her performance last night was off the hook and I hope that she continues to pursue her dream and becomes very successful. Great job, Lil Rounds!

Dana: Prior to Idol, were you involved in the music industry, or did you participate in any musical events that showed your vocal talent or play any instrument?
Lil: “Well, basically as a child I was around music anyway, but the most of what I did really was in church. We had something called the Sunshine Band and I was the leader of it. I loved singing as a child anyway; I’ve done a couple things in choirs, but I never really did anything else outside of that.”

Dana: What has been the highlight of this tour? Like, what has been your favorite moment so far?
Lil: “My favorite moment, I would say, was doing the Utah show a couple of days ago. At the time I finished my set I had over half of the arena on their feet. It made me really excited and I was like ‘Wow, I did something right tonight.’ It seems like everything has been really good on tour. We love when the fans come out and support. They seem to really be enjoying it and showing love.”

Dana: I know that you guys are around each other a lot; do you guys ever feed off each other’s energy, help each other, inspire each other, or support one another?
Lil: “Yeah, definitely, we have to be there for each other. There will be times where I’m not doing so hot. I try and get my stuff together but we do get tired and things. But with everybody helping each other out and just showing love it works out. We really look forward to everything just going better.”

Dana: What had your experience been like on the road? How has it been being far from your family?
Lil: “This experience is going really great, but I have been missing the children. They’re going to meet me out next week at the Arizona show. I’m keeping up with them as much as I can before they start school for the first time, but it will be okay. I’m making sure they take lots of pictures and video tape a lot.”

Dana: Do you plan on having a record or album out anytime soon?
Lil: “I’m hoping that I’ll find out during tour about the different people who are looking to work with me and I’m hoping to land a record deal and have an album out by the beginning of next year. So I’m looking forward to that by the end of the tour.”

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