Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to GRAMMY Camp® '09 by Dana Lee Payne

First day of GRAMMY Camp® has pretty much been amazing to me. This is a whole different experience than I thought it would be. I came expecting it would not be anything serious, and honestly I didn’t think it would be all that professional. To my surprise, these people are serious about their business. I have really enjoyed my self so far and I look forward to the following days to come. The people that I have met here so far are extremely friendly and make me feel comfortable, which is great. This Journalism track is going to be very beneficial. I am learning so much and its only been day one. I'm really enthusiastic and positive about my career path right now. This experience is encouraging me to accomplish what I really want to be. The first person I met here was very polite and friendly, but as time went on I noticed he would continue to talk and talk and talk. Like my instructor said, most artists are very open.

Now that I have talked with my Journalism track teacher, I am feeling like I really want to do interviews and video blog more than anything. I have never really recorded anything on camera before and I am a bit nervous to see how that turns out, but at the same time I'm excited to start interviewing the many campers here to get to know their career track and personalities. This whole experience is really just brand new to me and I am kind of afraid of how it will turn out. Will I improve? Will I be able to succeed in different tasks? These are the questions I have been asking myself since I’ve been here.

The things I want to learn about Journalism in the music industry are how to approach the different artists; how to carry myself while interviewing an artist; how do I make myself and the artist comfortable. I would also like to learn how to become a better writer in terms of writing articles. Really, I just want to become more knowledgeable about everything in music journalism. So, yeah, I'm pretty much excited to be here!

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